Summer Tour 2020 Itinerary

A unique tour like no other

Arise Summer Tour 2020 - Itinerary 

Note: This is a tentative itinerary to give you an idea of some of the places we will visit during the tour. Once registered and closer to the start date, you will receive a more detailed itinerary.

  • Tuesday 7th- Arrivals and transfer to accomodation in Tiberias (two transfers)
  • Wednesday 8th- Taking part in Social project, Beach time, Mt.Beatitudes, Capharnaum 
  • Thursday 9th- Baptism at Yardenit - worship, Mt.Bental, Tom Cars at Meron Golan.
  • Friday 10th- Galilee boat ride, Beit Shean, Drive to Jerusalem
  • Saturday 11th- Shabbat morning in the nature, FOZ Museum, Worship time
  • Sunday 12th- Mt.Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Lion Gate, Via Dolorosa, Old city
  • Monday 13th- Western Wall, Western Wall tunnels, ICEJ HQ, Worship and Lectures
  • Tuesday 14th- Garden Tomb, Dead Sea, Beduin Tent, Camel Ride
  • Wednesday 15th- Masada sunrise hike, Drive to Tel Aviv, Beach time
  • Thursday 16th-  Morning devotions, Jaffa, Tel Aviv shopping, Beach, Goodbye party
  • Friday 17th- Departures 

Meals every day: Full Israeli buffet breakfast and buffet dinner 



* Arise will provide transportation to Ben Gurion Airport for participants leaving on Friday 17th July ONLY. Those leaving after the 17th are responsible for their own transportation (and accommodation).