6 years 8 weeks ago
The Root of Anti-Semitism
As Israel honored her Holocaust martyrs and heroes on Yom HaShoah in April, the media reported that there is an upsurge...
6 years 8 weeks ago
God's Everlasting Covenants
It’s wonderful to know that our God is a God of Covenant. He is a God who keeps His promises and fulfills His Word. God...
6 years 8 weeks ago
Christian Zionism: Consise and to the Point
DEFINITION:Christian Zionism is the belief that Canaan, the land promised to the Jewish people, is their everlasting...
6 years 8 weeks ago
The 'Tension' of Jesus
For too long Jews and Christians have been engaging with each other by ‘dancing’ around the real issues. I have been...
6 years 8 weeks ago
Why Israel?
For centuries this question has been asked. That which provokes it is the uncanny survival of the Jewish people and...
6 years 8 weeks ago
Swords into Ploughshares
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6 years 36 weeks ago
Christian Zionism
CHRISTIAN ZIONISM The Christian Zionist Movement has grown in numbers and in impact in recent years.  Today,...
7 years 14 weeks ago
History of the Christian Church in Germany During WWII
Both above movements de-authorizing the word of God and then allowed other spiritual powers to take root in Germany....