Arise Worldwide

I will make you [Israel] a light to the nations, so that my salvation will reach the ends of the earth.” Isaiah 49:6

One of the first purposes of the ministry of Arise (former Grafted) since its beginning in 2003 has been to  “represent and inform young adults all over the world of God’s everlasting covenant and redemptive purposes for the nation of Israel”.

Thanks to your interest and support, the “all over the world” part is becoming a big part of Arise. We have grown over the last decade and have expanded into several countries through our Arise Representatives. We now have representation in over 10 countries.

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If there is no representative from your country, please consider participating in an Arise tour. The training offered will give you the foundations needed to understand the unique times are living in from a Biblical point of view, become an effective leader in your nation and take up the position of a representative for the ICEJ Arise.

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Secondly, the purpose of Arise is to enable young adults to be “part of what God is doing and engage our roles as young adults in this unique time in history”. If you are interested in learning more about what you can do to help Israel and represent her in your nation be sure to check out our Media tab for multi-media content that can help you deepen your theological understanding of Israel and also learn more about current events through a Christian perspective.

Thirdly,  the purpose is “to enable young adults to be practically involved through energetic programs and events, sponsored by the ICEJ both here and abroad.”  Many Arise reps plan and coordinate with the people in their nations to come on Arise tours to Israel. Be sure to contact your local ICEJ Arise Rep to see if there is a group coming to Israel from your country. If not, maybe you can facilitate one!

Lastly, we understand that it is by God’s Grace that we have been grafted into the “Olive Tree” and now it’s time for us to stand with the “root” God’s chosen people, the nation of Israel.

Don’t wait! Now is the time to step into all the things God has called you to do. Become a forerunner for His Kingdom as we wait for the King to return!