Arise Mission

Courageously teaching and living God's passion for the young generation and standing firm by His plans for Israel and the world.

To reach and influence the world’s young people by building a global movement fully committed to Jesus by encouraging young people impact in all areas of their lives while standing with Israel.


The challenge

Today's young adults have access to more knowledge and information than any other generation in human history. So the challenge is how to wisely discern and apply this knowledge to their lives and their surroundings. The next generation is confronted with an over-polluted "air" of social, technological, cultural and religious shifts. One of the main problems is that we are sending them into the world unprepared to face enemies that are more deceptive than ever before. 

At ICEJ ARISE, we are entering the midst of this battlefield with a message that is far from popular and often very misunderstood - the restoration of Israel. The media is feeding the masses with huge doses of a message which far too often derides the Jews and demonises Israel. This agenda is also making inroads in public school systems - from grade school up to university level. This has had tragic conscious and non-conscious effects on young people's attitudes when they relate to Israel.

The fact that the majority of young adults have never read the entire New Testament, not to mention the Old Testament, adds to the challenge for all pro-Israel Christians. In these times when "humanism" is invading churches and undermining the credibility of the word of God, it is time for truth-loving believers to step up and answer back.

This does not mean moralising, patronising or introducing complicated theological equations, but loving and serving them as Jesus did. If we want the next generation to immerse themselves in Jesus and understand Israel, it is time to engage fully in the battle and not run away from it. If we want to see a change, we need to be the change. The information junkie generation needs guidance and they are screaming for it with silent voices. We must become their guide or the world will.